About Us

Scuba inn Guest house is located in Omadhoo, in the center of south Ari atoll. It is only 75km away from the Capital Male’. Scuba Inn provides affordable, relaxing and comfortableness of Maldives. Our team offers you a relaxing environment with white sand beaches, beauty of crystal clear lagoon and the greatness of Local Island in the Maldives.

Scuba Inn is at Omadhoo, in the center of South Ari Atoll where by beautiful lagoon and white sand beach round the island. Omadhoo is located 75km from the Central Male’ and it takes mostly 1 hour 20 minutes from the Male’ to Omadhoo by Speed Boat.With population of more than 1000 people live on the island, government has provided necessary facilities for the people who live in the island such as School, Health Centre, Secretariat of Omadhoo (island Council) electric service provider (STELCO) and Generous Harbor. Omadhoo is fishing island where the most of the people go to fishing as an occupation. In the Center of South Ari Atoll (Omadhoo), nearby have most famous dives sites in the Maldives Island, like Fish headOmadhoo ThilaLhamiyaru gaa and Manta Point.